We are a managed service provider (msp).
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We are a managed service provider (msp).

Welcome to our new website!


Does something look a bit different? We have had a makeover!

We have updated our website to reflect how our company has evolved as an MSP.
It was well overdue!

Now this doesn’t change the way we operate. We are still the Managed Service Provider (MSP) you know and trust.

Why was this change necessary?

  1. Our old website was not secure enough and could have been hacked.
  2. We want to provide a trustworthy educational platform for our clients.
  3. Our look really needed the upgrade! Don’t you agree?



As you may know, Think I.T. has been placing a big focus on security. Not only do we ensure that our clients are secured, but we also secure ourselves with all the security solutions we sell.

Annually, Think I.T. gets a third-party security company to perform a security test to see if they can hack into us. During one of these tests, it was discovered that our old website was not being security patched by the hosting provider, leaving it vulnerable. This not only posed a threat to us, but also to our clients.

How would this be a threat to you?

The hacker could have used our website to trick you into downloading files that contained malicious content.

With our new website, we’ve ensured that security is highly prioritised and that it is actively managed.

Keen to hear more about why website security is so important? Stay tuned for our three-part Website Security blog.



As firm believers of putting education first, we’ve specifically designed a Resource that we will be curating for our clients!

One thing that we have learned over the past few years whilst observing the cyber security landscape – the rapid growth of threat vectors and the solutions needed to keep up – is that the biggest vulnerability is the lack of user education. Users need to understand how to protect themselves online.

And as your outsourced I.T. team, our responsibility is to ensure our clients have a trustworthy platform that they can turn to when they need anything. Our Resource Hub will provide tips on how to work efficiently and securely and break down our services to better help you understand why they are needed.

We want to cover all the bases so that you have all the information you need at the click of a button.

Over the next few months, we will begin building up our Resource Hub.

To stay updated and informed, we will be sending out updates as new information comes out on our LinkedIn page!

Alternatively, if you’d like to be notified of new blogs, news updates, tips & tricks, case studies, and other educational information, we can send these updates straight to your inbox. Simply sign up by emailing marketing@thinkit.co.nz.



Our old website was great, but being 15 years old, it was quite outdated.

So, we refreshed our look to match our offerings and identity and have added some cool features to make information more accessible.

We will be uploading a short video tour of our website soon. Stay tuned!


We really hope you like our new look.

Explore our website and let us know your thoughts by sending an email to marketing@thinkit.co.nz.

We are a managed service provider (msp).
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