Think I.T. is a firm of computer network engineers and systems integrators. That is, we design, build and maintain your network infrastructure and then integrate your business software, computers and peripheral devices into the network.

We focus on the small-to-medium enterprise market, so we are skilled at communicating with business people about business issues and using our technical capabilities to provide business solutions.

We deal with a wide range of commercial business enterprises, educational institutions and not-for-profit organisations. Plus we have a very strong, longstanding presence in the medical professional practice market.

Think I.T. maintains and manages thousands of computers for customers  throughout New Zealand.

We have invested heavily in the people, skills, technology and tools that enable us to provide first-class computer support services.

So - how can we enhance your business today?

What we do:

Remote support and Help Desk support services

Our Help Desk is manned from 7.30am to 8.00pm, Monday to Friday excluding Auckland public holidays. The Help Desk service is available to all our clients and throughout New Zealand. If your enterprise is outside our onsite service area or if you already have a relationship with an onsite service provider, the Help Desk will coordinate with your current partner for any work requiring onsite service.

We can also support your enterprise remotely, in any part of the country (or indeed, the world!) where we can establish a secure Internet connection. Again if your enterprise is outside our geographical catchment the Help Desk will coordinate with your current partner for any work requiring onsite service.

This can be charged on a time and materials basis or for a fixed monthly fee with Think Managed Services or a Custom Support Agreement

Systems Maintenance

We provide comprehensive proactive maintenance, management, troubleshooting and break-fix services. This can be charged on a time and materials basis or for a fixed monthly fee with Think Managed Services or a Custom Support Agreement.

Sited engineer

We will provide your enterprise with an in-house technical resource for a fixed number of hours per week or month. This service is typically used by larger or high needs sites, who cannot yet justify or do not want to employ a full time permanent staff member. With our Sited Engineer service you need never worry about sick days, holidays or non-performing employees. We will always have a suitable and site-familiar technical resource available.This service is provided as part of a Custom Support Agreement.

IT Consulting

For when you need unbiased advice but are otherwise happy with your current IT services provider. This can be charged as a fixed fee or on a time-used basis.

What we sell:

Casual time based services

We can provide as needed casual support charged at a standard hourly rate. Premiums apply for out-of-hours work. Discounts apply for pre-purchased hours and Think Managed Services Standard and Think Managed Services Premium customers. All you need is an authorised Think I.T credit account and you can consume as much or as little time as you need.

Fixed fee services

We can provide a service centered around a particular task or machine for a fixed monthly fee, if that is not already covered by or you do not have Think Managed Services.

Custom Support Agreement

We will tailor a support agreement to suit the specific needs of your enterprise.

Would you like to discuss your systems support needs with us?

Please email or call Graeme Rawlings on +64 9 636 0808
Malcom Dale, Director
"You can really rely on Think I.T. The whole team is responsive and proactive. For us, they are not just a technology provider but also our expert advisers, giving us professional, informed advice even where the best solutions aren't necessarily in their own interests."

Malcom Dale, Director
gardyneHOLT design partners
10-20 users, Think I.T client since 2000


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