Think Secure Staff Education - TSSE

Staff training and education regarding cyber security is critical to avoid a potential breach in your organisation. We have partnered with Ninjio to provide a world class security education program at a affordable price. Most security education programs are delivered through presentations and can be hard to follow and uninspiring for the uninitiated. 

Our Think Secure Staff Education (TSSE) program offers an exciting and engaging learning platform with Hollywood style storytelling for all your employees. These creative 3 - 4-minute animated videos portray breaches that real companies have suffered, explaining how the hackers gained access to the system, and raises awareness about the potential ways in which employees can prevent such breaches.

It’s all about being aware. Therefore, this program also allows for user interaction. A Gamification feature which essentially ranks the user against other users on a leaderboard is included in the program. Each video has a questionnaire after each video which help reinforce the message and make sure that the content is understood. If staff want to replay the video in the future, it is possible in the portal. 

Furthermore, a tracking feature is embedded in the admin portal, allowing you to track your employees’ progress. Contact to get your company portal setup.

Graeme Rawlings
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Graeme Rawlings
Think I.T. Team


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