Staff Biography - Lawrence Wang


In detail, what is your role at Think IT?

I am one of the Senior Engineers. Most of the time, I am doing project work as a Project Engineer. That means I do system server build-up and integration with other hardware/software vendors. It could be setting a brand new business email for a start-up business or a complex job in which I migrate and replace the whole current on-premises server infrastructure to cloud services with IAAS, PAAS OR SAAS.

What is it that drives and encourages you within your work and personal life?

I always tell myself to "stay hungry and stay foolish". Technology is changing the world rapidly every day, every minute and every second. It goes on and on. I always have a passion to learn new things, which can help myself, my family, my work and my life improve for the better.

Who, or what, was the biggest influence in your career today?

The biggest influence in my career today is my father. When I was 10 years old, my dad sent me to computing classes, which was about "BASIC". That was my first time touching and using a computer. A few years later, he bought me my first IBM PC, which at the time was running Windows 3.1. Now, here I am working at Think IT. I believe he is the biggest influence in my career.

Whose biggest fan, are you?

Steve Jobs for sure! As cliché at that answer is I admired him a lot because he brought us a genius design... the iPhone. His commencement speech in 2005 after several lifetimes and career changes was very inspirational. He laid out his philosophy as lessons to me about how to live before we die and get the most out of life. Even though life is hard and we struggle most of the time, the only way to trust and keep faith is knowing that life is taking us on an amazing journey. In my eyes, he taught me the meaning of 'everything happens for a reason'.

What accomplishment are you most proud of within your job role at Think IT?

As one of the Project Engineers' at Think IT, I am able to understand customer's requirements and implement those requirements with the most cost-effective solutions. I take great pride in delivering projects by deadlines and meet customer's goals and targets within a short time period.

What technology most excites you?

A.I (artificial intelligence), I have just read news regarding the adorable autonomous delivery vehicles and how they already exist today. These types of technology are really transforming our local commerce. Imagine when you purchase something from a supermarket or a shop, this vehicle can deliver straight to your front door. We now need to consider how we can continuously improve and not be replaced by the A.I.

What areas should business be focussing on when it comes to technology?

Due to population aging, it is an increasing median age. We need to focus more on the health industry. Understanding and using big data analytics in the healthcare industry. I feel we need to help track and monitor patient's daily health status: blood pressure, heart rate, activity, sleep, and mindfulness. We can do so by sending and receiving data across the network over the cloud. Doctors or healthcare providers can use data to compare and study them, they can then make the best suggestion to their patient, anywhere and at any time necessary.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Watching movies and reading when I have the time. Occasionally, I will play Xbox games. But for the most part, I am spending most of my time with my sons, as I believe life is too short and they are only young for a short period of time. It's true what they say...they grow up too fast!

If you could gain one super-human power, what would it be?

The same super-human power Professor X had, which was having telepathy power. But now I wish I can have Doctor Stranger's super-human power, which is space-time manipulation. Space-time manipulation would allow me to alter the flow of time, teleport and time travel. I can go back to the past and also watch the future whenever I want. It is bittersweet because I also know that could result in bad consequences if you were to change something from the past.