Staff Biography - Kris Campbell

Meet Kris Campbell.

In detail, what is your role at Think IT?

I am the Customer Services Manager, which translates to taking care of our customers needs, as well as running the technical department of Think IT. I'm always looking for opportunities to ensure our clients are getting the best possible outcomes for their technical issues/solutions. By being surrounded by a team of people who are willing to go the extra mile, we're able to strive for excellent service.

What is it that drives and encourages you within your work and personal life?

Work hard, play harder is what I live by. Seeing results, knowing the effort that went into it. Watching change bring positive light to a situation.

Who, or what, was the biggest influence in your career today?

There were a lot of influencing factors in my Life. Being raised in a solo parent household and being the oldest, always meant helping out around the house. My mum was the biggest influence in my life, she instilled the importance of aspiring to be who you want to be. This falls inline with my 'work hard, play harder' motto.

Whose biggest fan, are you?

Casey Neistat - Famous YouTube Vlogger/Broadcaster/App Developer. Starting from nothing and turning the world into his oyster. He thrives on interaction (much like myself), proving that every conversation is an opportunity to grow.

What accomplishment are you most proud of within your job role at Think IT?

Being a part of  Think IT for nearly 12 years is definitely an accomplishment of mine. One of my biggest accomplishments was achieving Microsoft Certification in 2014 - yes that's right it took me that long to get a Microsoft certification.

What technology most excites you?

Office mobility, as telcos improve their technology offerings, so does our need to be more mobile. The ability to join meetings from the local park bench, to being able to collaborate on a document anywhere in the world. Ultimately giving the freedom of not being tied to a desk all day.

What areas should business be focussing on when it comes to technology?

Protecting their data, this doesn't just mean ensuring the right people having access to the right files. It means ensuring that your data is safe, from disaster, safe from cyber attacks and even physical attacks. I recently watched a YouTube video, where someone walked into an office, off the street plugged a USB key into a printer, and within minutes, the site was hacked and the data had now been compromised. Something that would benefit all businesses, is Think IT's new product called Think Secure Anti-Malware, which includes seven layered scanning technology to stop ALL attacks, such as ransomware affecting your organisation's data.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I'm a bit of a petrol head, I typically like to do a bit of four wheel driving, as well as camping. When I'm not doing either of those things I'm usually at the gym or working in the yard.

If you could gain one super-human power, what would it be?

Hmmm...Deadpool springs to mind here, his self healing ability, meaning I'd never have to deal with sore legs, after leg day at the gym. It would also mean that nothing can stop me!