Staff Biography - Jody Hurcum


In detail, what is your role at Think IT?

I am an onsite Technical Engineer, this can involve many different tasks from day to day at many different client sites. I carry out server maintenance checks regularly for managed service customers and regular site visits for some sites. We get to work with a great range of technology in implementations, troubleshooting, and repairs.

What is it that drives and encourages you within your work and personal life?

I enjoy using technology to make life better and do cool things, both at work and home. Given the changes, we see in technology and how it shapes society I also think it is important to keep on top of developments. I am constantly amazed by the cool things we all do every day with our technology and can't wait to see where we go with it.

Who, or what, was the biggest influence in your career today?

I started working at Noel Leeming and worked my way from delivering appliances and computers to selling them. I then decided I was meant to do more with computers and networks. My Father always impressed me with his love and knowledge of radio and video technology, which I also picked up. He would build his own antennas to pick up signals he should not have been able to and had a fascination with how the technology worked.

Whose biggest fan, are you?

I'm a big fan of Joe Rogan, he has been on TV and is a comedian. He has a lot of interests but the reason I am a fan is that he has taken the technology available to him and built a massive following through podcasting a range of interesting topics. The topic could be technology, biology, social issues or martial arts, it's always entertaining and educational.

What accomplishment are you most proud of within your job role at Think IT?

I am proud of a lot of the work I have done over the 16 years with the company but I am most proud of the customer relationships we have built up over the years. I feel there is a trust and respect between us and our clients and I am glad to have been a part of that.

What technology most excites you?

I like wireless technology and am always interested in new developments in the field, but at the moment I am most excited by virtual and augmented reality. I think there will be some very cool implementations or interfaces coming soon to provide a better human interface to our technology for faster and more convenient workflow. Robots are cool too!

What areas should business be focussing on when it comes to technology?

I think it is worth looking into the processes we currently use and see how current technology and software can be used to create efficiency.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like to walk and hike, there is always more NZ to see even around Auckland. I also like to read, play games with my son or go ride my motorbike. Cats are great too, I spend some of my spare time as a cat wrangler on my cat ranch.

If you could gain one super-human power, what would it be?

Teleportation, I would save so much time on traffic time every day.