Staff Biography - Joaquin Luna

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In detail, what is your role at Think IT?

I'm a Remote Support Engineer. Basically, my role is to respond to inquiries about software and hardware problems, adapt existing programs to meet users' requirements, install and downloading appropriate software and ensure efficient use of applications. In short, I fix computer problems reported by users.

What is it that drives and encourages you within your work and personal life?

Since I was a child I've enjoyed playing with computers, I have always been very good at breaking them and then figuring out how to fix them. I love seeing how technology evolves and amazed at the rate of speed in which it progresses.

Who, or what, was the biggest influence in your career today?

From a young age, I've had an interest in hacking (White-hat). I like the challenge of finding a fault in a system whether it's with computers or people. People I would look up to in that field would include James Lyne, (from Sophos), Mikko Hypponen (a Computer Security Expert) and the group Anonymous.

Whose biggest fan, are you?

In the technological field I would have to say Bill Gates, he created his first program at the age of 13 and by the time he left high school he (with the help of his classmates) had computerized their school's payroll system. I can't help but think about what I was doing at that age.

What accomplishment are you most proud of within your job role at Think IT?

As a personal accomplishment, I love the fact that when I joined Think IT, I had very limited knowledge of computers in a business environment. I began taking calls at Think IT and as the years went by I've learned a great deal and climbed through the "ranks". I'm now much more confident in what I do and really enjoy working with such a great team.

What technology most excites you?

I'm fascinated by technology that is design to help society as a whole. I love seeing great minds work together to improve the quality of life. For example, "the Photonic Fence" project, developed by Intellectual Ventures and funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation uses lasers to destroy mosquitoes. The idea is to deploy this in areas with Malaria to eradicate the infection.

What areas should business be focussing on when it comes to technology?

SECURITY! People seem to feel safeguarded by thinking they would be an unappealing target for an attack but most attacks we have come across have been by a random email or website access by one employee and affecting an entire organization. Here at Think IT have become aware of this and have prepared products like "Think Secure Anti-Malware" to help prevent users' computers from becoming compromised.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I'm kept quite busy with helping at a Church. From tidying up and cleaning the storage room to fixing computer for the church (and for people who attend) as well as translating sermons from English to Spanish and vice-versa. When I'm not busy at church I'll most likely be spending time with my fiancée.

If you could gain one super-human power, what would it be?

Telekinesis (the ability to move things with your mind), since I was a kid I dreamed of being able to move things with my mind. I was fascinated with Magneto because he could move metal with his mind. Now that I'm older, I think this was a reflection of my laziness. If I had Telekinesis I probably would only use it to get a drink from the fridge without having to get up.