Staff Biography - Ian Bennett

Staff Bio Ian Bennett

In detail, what is your role at Think IT?

I am the Operations Manager, which means I take care of the back-end processes, always looking at ways to streamline our business to make us efficient and on the ball.  My responsibilities cover the full delivery of our services from Sales, Implementation, Support and Administration.  As always “you can’t manage what you don’t measure” so a big part of my role is developing KPI’s and reports so the management team and staff can see live stats on our delivery.  Luckily, I have a talented team that work towards our goals, which certainly makes my role easier.

What is it that drives and encourages you within your work and personal life?

I am driven by the rapid changes that technology brings, both at work and home.  I love making my life easier so I can enjoy the good times with family and friends – efficiency is like an addiction, once you’ve started seeing changes coming to fruition you need to keep making more changes.

Who, or what, was the biggest influence in your career today?

I trained as a Chef when I came out of College, even though I am a long way from that path, I truly believe it was these skills and my old Head Chef Eddie who has influenced me the most.  Being a successful chef is all about preparation, then thriving in a high tempo environment, balancing and juggling tasks to ensure that everything hits the plate at the same time – not just one plate, but hundreds of plates.  You need to be able to see the well-done steak 7 orders down that needs to go on now, while you’re plating the current order, otherwise you’ll get to that order and you will delay the whole process.

Whose biggest fan, are you?

This is a tough one as there are people in all aspects of my life that I follow; John Lennon, Dude Perfect, Arnie, Elon Musk, but I would say to top the list would be Satya Nadella, he took over as CEO at Microsoft who at the time had an arrogance that was failing them – his vision was clear, communicated and shifted their direction, opening a new wave of technology within their ecosystem, which is an opportunity for all businesses to explore.

What accomplishment are you most proud of within your job role at Think IT?

Everyday there are little golden nuggets that get accomplished that make me proud, over the 10 years here at Think I.T. one that really comes to mind is when I was in a sales role, proving the concept of selling managed services, which at the time was new and unchartered – smashing the target that was set and proving the concept, we never have looked back.  I’ve only been in my role as Operations Manager for a relatively brief time, so I believe my proudest moment is yet to come.

What technology most excites you?

Automation technology such as Bots, Process Flow and Scripting has real value, being able to cut out mundane parts of people’s jobs to a click of a button (or less).  I really believe looking at “how” technology is changing our work rather than the “what” technology is going to be the greatest shift in the next few years.

What areas should business be focussing on when it comes to technology?

Starting with Business Intelligence using tools like PowerBI and Excel, knowing how your business is performing and identify areas of improvement.  Then going ahead and working through those changes using process analysis, automation and training.  Every business is getting pushed against the wall by competition, the market is driving prices down – the only factors that make you stand out is understanding and showcasing “Why” people should choose you, and then doubling down on “How” you deliver that, and deliver it better than the rest of your competition.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Travel, cooking and reading (sometimes about travelling and cooking, but mostly business).  As a family, we travel as much as we can, it is our #1 priority and put aside savings for that, I’ve always had itchy feet and I think regular travel satisfies that enough so I keep coming back – in my early 20’s I worked for P&O cruises, so have seen some wonderful places in the world, but there is so much more to see.

If you could gain one super-human power, what would it be?

Oh, tough question – I always liked Batman and Iron Man as they are essentially just humans with money and gadgets rather than “super” aliens or people with radioactive mutations.  I would have to say flying, that would be awesome to get away from traffic jams.  Unless I haven’t pitched it enough – everyone can be super human with automation, it makes time stop, so you can achieve more in your day.