Professional Health Practice Services

Medical professional practices are not just another kind of small business, and the needs of your customers are not like those of most other enterprises. Medicine is a highly regulated industry with complex funding models, high reliance on data availability, significant privacy issues around data storage and access and a range of location dependencies. And yet the individual needs of those practices can vary widely based on size, catchment geography, site dispersal and a range of other factors.

Added to this now are pressures to consolidate practices and to move Practice Management Systems into the “Cloud”.

At Think I.T. we understand these differences because we have been supporting General Practice, Specialist, Dental, Podiatric, Physiotherapy and Veterinary practices for over 15 years. Our professional health practice clients range from individual Specialists to a GP practice with over 150 users in 10 sites.

Think I.T. has extensive experience supporting practices that are running Medtech, Incisive SPM, Profile, MyPractice, Houston, Exact, indici, and VPM.

Think I.T. has the largest concentration of Medtech Certified Engineers in the world.

Medical practices are special, and subject to a range of demands and restrictions that other businesses are not. When you deal with Think I.T. you will not be treated as just another business, but with the consideration of the special requirements of healthcare and your practice’s specific needs.

What we do:

Practice Management System Integration

Most Practice Management Systems have very particular requirements for the hardware deployed, the way they are integrated into the network, the way they are connected to the Internet and the way they are backed up. Think I.T has extensive experience of integrating new PMS into existing networks. We will upgrade your existing network to accommodate new or upgraded PMS or design a new network to support a new PMS.

IT Consulting

Whether you are buying a new Practice Management System and need a computer system designed to support it, adding more sites to your practice or consolidating your practice into another we will provide you with the information you need to invest in the right IT infrastructure. To see the full list of our Consulting capabilities click here

Systems Support

Think I.T. supports the operations of a wide range of practices. To see the full list of our support offerings click here

Cloud Computing and Hosting Services

GP practices in particular are being encouraged to move some or all of their computing resource into the “Cloud”. This represents both opportunities and threats for practices, which differ from the opportunities and threats for other enterprises.

With our long experience of supporting medical practices and of remote computing solutions, Think I.T. is ideally placed to advise you on the best options for your practice and to assist you with the transition.

For a full list of our Cloud Computing and Hosting Services, click here

Networking Systems and Computers

Think I.T.’s core business is the design, installation, maintenance and support of computer networks. We do this for over 200 health practices and in excess of 1,500 health practice computer users.

For a full description of our Networking services and the computer systems we provide, click here

Telephone Systems

Think I.T. designs and installs both traditional and VOIP telephone systems for a wide range of enterprises. We will provide a system that best meets the needs of your practice and any computer/telephony integration features of your Practice Management System.

For a description of Think I.T.’s telephone system offerings, click here

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

How do you continue to meet the needs of your patients if you have suffered an event that destroys your computer system or prevents you gaining access to your clinic or surgery?

Think I.T. will assess your practice’s preparedness for a range of adverse events and build a solution that gives your practice the best chance of recovery.

For a full description of our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services, click here

To discuss ways in which we can add value to your practice, please email   or call Graeme Rawlings on 09 636 0808

Kris Campbell
"When trouble arises, it's imperative to be back on the keys as quickly as possible. 90% of calls to the Helpdesk are resolved within 10 minutes."

Kris Campbell
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