Cloud Computing and Hosting Services

Increasingly, enterprises are moving some or all of their computing power out of their own premises. This may be due to:

  • dispersal of sites and workforce away from a single place of work;
  • moving to new premises and wanting to avoid the cost of building a server room;
  • an existing server suite is end-of-life and the enterprise wants to avoid buying new servers;
  • a change in enterprise software will require an increase in computing power and the enterprise wants to avoid buying new servers;
  • uncertainty about future needs means the enterprise does not want to invest in software licenses or hardware

While there are a lot of advantages to this strategy, there may also be some good reasons to keep part or all of your enterprise’s computing power within your own walls.

Think I.T. has experience in this field, and we will guide you through the decision-making and solution-building processes so you can be assured your choice of strategy is based on the best information.

What we do:

Consult and Design

We will look at what you want to achieve, what resources your enterprise already has and the way your workforce will interact with your software. We will research and recommend the best mix of solutions to meet your requirements. Because we provide both hosted and on-premises solutions, you can be assured our recommendations will not be biased in either direction.

Transition Services

Whether you are moving all or some of your computing resources into a hosted environment provided by Think I.T. or by another provider, we will plan and perform the project to move you onto the new platform.

What we sell:

Server Hosting

(also known as tele-housing) We can securely host your own servers in our enterprise-level partner datacentre. Facilities include power protection, 24/7 manned security, redundant power sources and redundant Internet access.

Application hosting

(also known as Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS) We can securely host your own software on shared server hardware, either in our own specialised medical practice server suite or with one of our enterprise-level IaaS partners.

Application Services Provision (ASP)

All the software you use provided out of a datacentre-based shared server suite, and charged as a monthly fee. We provide this service through a range of partners. We will recommend an ASP offering that best suits your current needs and your plans for growth.

Microsoft Office 365

A range of cloud-based business productivity and communications software. Offerings range from simple email to suites complete with Microsoft Office Professional. Think I.T. is a Microsoft Online Services Partner, so we are qualified to sell and implement Office 365.


Think I.T. can filter your email for SPAM, viruses and other malware before it gets to your network.

Would you like to discuss your hosted/Cloud computing needs with us?

Please email   or Graeme Rawlings on 09 636 0808

"Think I.T. have looked after our computing needs since the year 2000. Solutions have been recommended and implemented to match our changing needs. We are supported with efficiency and a high level of expertise, allowing us to focus on our business backed up by solid and reliable technology."

Ben Seymour
Allpress Espresso
30-50 users, Think I.T. client since 2000


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