Critical recall of some Zebra printer power supply units

It has come to our attention that Zebra has initiated a critical recall of some label printer power supplies manufactured between 2006 and 2012. There have been cases where these power supplies have caught fire putting people and property at risk.

As you may have obtained Zebra printers from other sources, and we may not be able to accurately identify printers sold by us prior to October 2010, we recommend you review any Zebra label printers you may have to see if you have an affected unit.

Instructions for identifying, replacing and disposing of affected power supplies may be found at:

If you wish us to recycle the old power supply for you then, after you have taken a photo to prove it has been disabled, hand it to one of our friendly techs next time they are at your site.

 For more information, please get in touch here. 

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Kerry Wilson
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