Cyber Security. Take it Seriously.


Cyber Security has cost businesses over $3 trillion this year and that is expected to double by 2021. Don't let it be you.

Often people think threats won't affect them as they aren't a big corporate. The truth is you only hear of those because they get reported, but it is a problem for over 20% of all small businesses and we've seen it first-hand the problems caused by not taking it seriously.  

Over the next few months we will be highlighting products that you can use in your business to help protect yourselves.  Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how many tools we add to try and prevent them, 95% of all breaches were caused by a human error, therefore we are starting with you... and your team.  Education and awareness is the key to prevention.

Introducing you to Think Security Awareness Plan 1:

These are Hollywood style engaging animations, scripted by the writers of CSI and Hawaii 5-0, with latest content added each month making your staff aware of the latest threats known.  Your staff are kept engaged with gamification, leader boards and reporting - coupled with some incentives it can be a valuable tool to raise awareness.

Also, there are emergency videos in the case of a global breach, so you can act fast.

I often hear clients say - "well we raised security at our last staff meeting" - that's not enough - repetition reaps rewards - and what about brand new hired staff who are on-boarding - will you remember to train them on security before they start?  You need a solution that automatically hits people’s inbox, and that people want to watch.

Watch this example below:

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