The Real Benefits Of Taking Your PMS To the Cloud


At the heart of each medical institution is its Practice Management System (PMS). It connects users with financial transactions, appointments, and clinical data – the lifeblood of every practice. It must always function correctly and reliably, delivering the right information to the right people, every time, in a reasonable amount of time.

The solution needs to provide secure access from any location, scalability to meet individual growth, enterprise-grade infrastructure and no degradation of performance. With these requirements in mind, many practices have asked themselves how best to deliver the PMS to their staff.

While many people are moving their applications to the Cloud to simplify their IT administration and manage their costs, the real benefits are often initially overlooked.

For example, Microsoft’s Azure datacentre features physical security which would not be economically viable for most businesses. Creating a geographically dispersed network to survive natural disasters presents a challenge; for large cloud providers, it is considered standard.

Think I.T. has successfully moved Medtech-32, SPM & Profile into a Cloud environment and are confident that all current PMS applications used in New Zealand can be relocated too. We’re excited by the tremendous flexibility and benefits offered by Cloud solutions and would love to help you begin your Cloud journey. To know more about how you can get started, please get in touch with us by emailing us at

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"You can really rely on Think I.T. The whole team is responsive and proactive. For us, they are not just a technology provider but also our expert advisers, giving us professional, informed advice even where the best solutions aren't necessarily in their own interests."

Malcom Dale, Director
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