Prevent Data Breach with Security Awareness Training for Staff

Prevent Data Breach with Security Awareness Training for Staff

IT security staff are responsible for ensuring the business is protected when it comes to data breaches, cyber-attacks and unprotected company information. Often when a data breach occurs, companies instantly think it’s due to a security network system failing. However, the increase of access to employees leads to likelihood of human error and is a common driver to why data gets compromised.

What can companies do differently? 

A lot of data breaches are caused by employee slip-ups, so turning to your staff as the first call of action to ensure protection over your data is the key to success.

Training employees in security awareness is an important element for a strong security foundation within the organisation. But how should staff receive training to ensure optimal results? 

Make training interesting that will create impact.

It is still common for employees to receive no security awareness training and if so, it’s simply notes from a PowerPoint or booklet which can be difficult to digest and comprehend. This creates lack of engagement and interest from employees, thus lacking impact and defeats the purpose of receiving training.

Changes in how training is carried out is key. Instead of employees being a passive observer, make it interactive so staff can walk away feeling confident that they can action what they’ve learnt in real-life scenarios.

“Instead of focusing on security, focus on learning too”

Think IT, a leading technology organisation have been serving clients for over 25 years and offers a powerful security awareness product solution, Think Secure Staff Education (TSSE).

How and what makes TSSE’s approach different?

No check-the-box boring security awareness lectures, and a focus on providing IT security awareness training solutions for employees by emotionally engaging viewers with interactive videos, real-life examples and gamification to boost attention, memory and interaction.

This hands-on approach to learning will empower individuals and organisations to defend themselves against cyberthreats more effectively.

“The TSSE programme makes training fun, engaging and memorable for staff. All while learning about today’s biggest cybersecurity threats.”

Cyber threats are changing regularly to out-smart data protection software implemented across organisations, so businesses cannot afford to lag behind. Employees need to be educated in this area and prepared for the range of possible security threats to ensure their data and the company is protected.

This means an end to using outdated training methods, to see employees as their greatest asset and invest in providing security training that will make a difference. By equipping employees with the knowledge to prevent a cyber-attack, instilling confidence in staff to speak out if users suspect an error, and knowing what to look out for is a great first step forward. 

Get in touch with Think IT to receive your TSSE security awareness product today.

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