Why do small businesses need Proactive Monitoring in 2019? 

A reactive IT service, where a business calls their IT company if there is a problem, has some disadvantages:

(1) The problem may already have been active for a while before you noticed the problem. This may make it more costly to correct

(2) If a potential problem becomes a major problem before you notice you may not be working for a longer time before it is fixed.  This costs your business money.

(3) The problem may result in other damage, for example to data, which means you may have to recover data from backup and may lose work you have done on that data since the problem started.

(4) Proactive monitoring can help you to plan for replacement of hardware and software before it becomes a problem.

A small business is unlikely to have the resources, expertise or software to deal with proactive monitoring in-house, but your IT company can - for a very reasonable fee.

Ask yourself if your business can afford to take the risk and then talk to Think I.T for a solution.

Carl Picar

Kris Campbell
"When trouble arises, it's imperative to be back on the keys as quickly as possible. 90% of calls to the Helpdesk are resolved within 10 minutes."

Kris Campbell
Think I.T. Team