5 Ways To Prevent Data Breach In Your Organisation

Data breach has grown exponentially across a number of organisations. However, small businesses still fail to make it a priority, even though data breach can cost the business an extensive amount of money, and tarnish the reputation of the company.

What can cause data breach? Many business owners, especially small companies tend to ignore it, as they assume it won’t happen to them. Budget restraints, lack of technical expertise and knowledge surrounding the importance of it are other causes.

What exactly is data breach?

A data breach happens when unauthorised access is gained to an organisation’s infrastructure to steal information stored in databases. This data can include passwords, credit card details, to private identity information.

The hacker’s goal, is to use this information to engage in identity theft and fraud. These types of activities are carried out by physically accessing computers on business premises or remotely breaching the network.

So how do businesses prevent security breaches?

Founder and CEO of Art motion, Mateo Meier says “protecting your valuable digital assets starts with formulating security best practices that can be easily understood and followed by everyone in the organisation.”

Here are 5 ways to prevent data breach so you can start securing your organisation’s digital assets.

1. Conduct regular employee training

Human error is one of the primary causes of data breach within companies. Employees often open suspicious emails that have the potential to download viruses.

This is why it’s so important for organisations to engage in regular employee security awareness training workshops, so staff are reminded of the evolving security threats.

Training improves awareness of physical preventative measures against data breaches and how hardware should be handled, to avoid data being compromised. How to securely transfer files, communicate safely across platforms and encrypting emails are also key for staff to be aware of.

2. Develop a data breach prevention plan

Creating a data breach prevention plan educates both the employees and the employer to understand how detrimental data breach is.

Start with mapping out what the organisation wants to achieve and how it is going to be executed.

The data prevention plan can be referred back to whenever staff are dealing with a potential data breach. However, it would need to be an adaptable and an evolving plan, as threats also do not stay static and will attempt to outsmart organisations.

Think IT are technology IT specialists and will be able to help create a data breach prevention plan unique to your business.

3. Update operating systems and software regularly

Operating systems and software need to be updated regularly to keep them protected from data breach. Business networks open themselves to risks and vulnerability when programs do not have the security measures in place.

Think IT can provide a solution to this and assist with regularly checking programs are up-to-date. Focused on working alongside AntiVirus solutions to help create a more secure system for businesses, just like yours.

4. Limit access to valuable data

Companies are learning that it is critical to limit access to their valuable data. When employees are limited to specific documents, you not only save a task being over-handled, but you reduce the chances of staff clicking on a harmful link.

Small companies are privy to sharing resources and tasks more, including the temptation to use the same laptop for both work and personally, which increases exposure to risk. Keeping personal and business hardware separate will go a long way in protecting your data from breaches.

5. Third-party vendors security

Many businesses work with a range of third-party vendors. It’s key to be mindful who you’re dealing with and a good precaution to limit the types of documents these vendors can view or have access to. The cost of a data breach can be detrimental to your organisation.

Background checks and ensuring third-party vendors are complying with privacy laws need to be carried out for safety measures.

To find out more about data breach prevention, get in touch with Think IT. Leading technology specialists who work alongside companies and provide guidance to teams to ensure the prevention of a data breach and assisting with the overall success of businesses. 


Graeme Rawlings
“Customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job”

Graeme Rawlings
Think I.T. Team


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