Medical Privacy In New Zealand (2019)

Privacy Training
Q. Where can I get training on privacy for Medical Receptionists?
A. Training options include online training as well as onsite training for groups. Online training gives you and your team the flexibility to do anytime, anywhere.  Onsite training is facilitated for groups of people, giving you an option to have your team go through the training at the same time and have opportunities to discuss specific events with their peers. 

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Privacy Breaches
Q. What is a privacy breach?
A. A privacy breach is a loss of, unauthorised access to, or disclosure of, personal information. Some of the most common privacy breaches happen when personal information is stolen, lost or mistakenly shared. A privacy breach may also be a consequence of faulty business procedures or operational breakdowns.

Q. What do I do if there is a privacy breach of personal information?
A. Your priority is to contain the breach, evaluate and identify the information involved. Notify any person(s) affected, this may include notifying the Privacy Commissioner.  Protect and review all processes and procedures to ensure data is protected.  Further staff training may be needed as a result. 

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Medical Records
Q. How long do we need to keep medical records
A. Health information should be kept for no longer than they a have a lawful purpose. Medical records MUST be kept for ten years from the last time the patient received services.  Exceptions would be if the patient was transferred to another medical provider for care, if the patient has received a complete file or if the patient had passed away and the executor of their estate requested medical information.

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Privacy in the Workplace
Q.What is privacy in the workplace?
A. Privacy in the workplace relates to ALL communications between your work colleagues, clients, contractors and visitors.

Q. Why is privacy important in the workplace?
A. Protecting privacy is not only for patients but also your employees. Your staff personal information should be stored in a secure location and not accessible by other employees.  For roster, information ensures that this is kept in a secure place accessed by authorised personnel only.                

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Medical Privacy Act
Q What is the privacy act? 

A. The Act relates to information privacy. Information refers to the collection, use, storage and disclosure of access to personal information. (Privacy Act 1993).  Personal information is any form of identifiable material with specific details including names, contact details, finances and purchasing records.  Access to personal information may be via a third party or patient directly, with appropriate authorisation.

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