When should your business migrate to a Managed Print Service (MPS) provider?

 Managed Print Service (MPS)

What is a managed print service (MPS)?  

Managed Print is a service to help you optimise and manage your organization’s print infrastructure and document output.

What does a good MPS provider do?  

We have listed a few steps that a good MPS provider will implement to help you through your decision-making process.  

Assessment: A good MPS provider will carry out an assessment of your current document output and provide you with advice based on your current print environment. This advice will help you assess if your business will benefit from moving to an MPS model or if your current print environment is already optimised for your business needs. 

Design: If MPS is a good fit for your business, they will design a new print environment based on your requirements. This will help streamline your printing cost either directly or through administrative savings. 

Implementation: The implementation phase is carried out by highly qualified technicians. They will ensure there is minimum disruption to your work environment and that you have un-interrupted printing solutions available as they migrate you to the new infrastructure. 

Management: Once the new printing environment is implemented, you will receive hassle-free maintenance and support. This includes automatic replenishment of consumables and proactive monitoring of printer health. 

Optimization: You are provided with a list of print usage from the previous month, so you can have an overview of your usage month by month.  

When should you consider a Managed Print Service?  

  • If you have a mixture of printers that are hard or costly to support. 
  • If you wish to avoid the risk of holding spare toners and other consumable items which you may be stuck with if the printer fails. 
  • If you want other “big ticket” consumable items such as drums or fuser units to be covered so there are no unexpected surprises. 
  • If some of your printer fleet is ageing moving to MPS may result in lower per-page costs and simplify management. 
  • If you wish to have a regular and painless replacement of hardware on a scheduled basis to limit time-consuming hardware failures. 
  • If you prefer to limit upfront costs and spread the cost of printing on a pay as you use basis both hardware and print can be supplied for a monthly fee. 
  • If you want choices around how toner recycling is handled (individual bag or bulk recycle bins) 

How much does managed print service cost? 

Once your print environment is assessed then, based on your average monthly print volume, a fixed cost can be provided for suitable hardware along with an estimate of monthly print costs. The aim is to optimise the printer hardware choices to fit your usage rather than have a one size fits all approach. Some contracts require a minimum monthly print volume, and some are fully pay as you go but in either case, we are confident that the costs on MPS are lower than purchasing identical consumables. 

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