Should I Host My Practice Management System (PMS) In The Cloud?

shutterstock_389742484Continuing from the previous blog, we want to expand on what true cloud infrastructure provides above and beyond running internal systems. This is the second blog in a five-part series about the benefits of moving your practice management system (PMS) to the cloud.

An internally hosted PMS server solution is susceptible to fire, theft, flooding, equipment failure, physical malicious activity and natural disasters. This level of disaster could leave the medical centre without access to their PMS for many hours, if not days, until the underlying infrastructure is replaced.

The type of infrastructure used by true cloud providers would be expensive for all businesses, and prohibitively so for most. This is due to the level of redundancy employed by such providers to ensure equipment failure does not result in downtime. By migrating to the cloud you reap the benefits of this level of redundancy without the associated costs.

Redundancy of compute and storage resources mean the failure of an individual component does not impact your ability to access your PMS, as your system automatically moves to another processing node. Going even further, by using georedundant storage you could theoretically keep running in the event of an entire city being affected. 

Next week we’ll cover how cloud platforms can scale with your organisation as it grows and changes. To know any more about the resilience of cloud infrastructure and platforms please get in touch at 

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