Flexibility Of A Cloud Hosted Medical Practice

As we stated in our 
previous blogthis week we are covering off anywhere, anytime, any device advantages that public cloud provide your business. This week we’ll explore the freedom to access cloud-hosted PMS applications from any location, at any time, on any device – and the continuity this provides. 

Being reliant on internal physical infrastructure makes you vulnerable to natural disasters. In such situations, access to medical records is hindered until your backups can be recovered to a new location (which incidentally can be a public cloud). By having your infrastructure cloud-hosted, you mitigate the risk of failure and can rest easy knowing your data is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. 

In a disaster, the public will expect that medical centres are operational, even in a diminished capacity. Having access to medical information and the secure health network in such a scenario is vital. A mobile hotspot would be all you need to resume access. 

The nature of private medical practice has evolved. The office is no longer the sole place of work; team members expect to have access from anywhere, with a seamless experience. Cloud technology partners such as Microsoft and Citrix have created systems to present cloud-hosted applications directly on end devices, such as Apple Mac’s, iPads, Android or Windows PC’s with no change to the interface.  

Next, we’ll cover the advantage of known costs provided by public cloud infrastructure. To know more about topics covered in this blog please get in touch at support@thinkit.co.nz

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