Is your business ready for the digital age?

Businesses locally in New Zealand and globally have rapidly moved to the digital environment during COVID-19.  What we’re experiencing is no doubt a catalyst for change. Although there is uncertainty about what the future holds, one thing we’re sure on is - it will be digital.

As many organisations have accelerated to transform their business digitally means the online world has become a competitive landscape. Customers are now seeking a better user experience more than ever, when interacting with your business online.

There is an increase of more than 7% worldwide internet users during April-May 2020 compared to 2019.

DataReportal analysis indicates that 4.57 billion people now use the internet, an increase of more than 7% since this time last year. Social media users are growing even faster, up by more than 8% since April 2019 to reach 3.81 billion today” – Simon Kemp, CEO of Kepios and Chief Analyst at DataReportal.


Customer digital interactions due to COVID-19

The shift in digital interactions with customers due to COVID is reflected in their increase of time spent on devices and a change in their buying behaviours. When researching for products, customers’ preference for shopping online has jumped significantly.

According to McKinsey & Company’s findings, businesses see digital interactions as two to three times more important in comparison to traditional sales interactions. As a result, e-commerce demand is rising.

The Global Shopping Index report published by Salesforce outlines the number of unique digital shoppers increased by 40% year-over-year. Digital shoppers drove 20% revenue growth compared to 12% in the first quarter of 2019. 


Credit: McKinsey & Company


Credit: Simon Kemp, CEO of Kepios and chief analyst at DataReportal

Every industrial revolution was catalysed by a major technological evolution
– Deloitte 2020 Global Marketing Trends

From the data gathered, we can see customers are spending more time shopping online in their homes and an increase on the impact of ecommerce transactions. The leading industries worldwide being home furnishings and DIY, sports equipment and supermarkets.

· 59% of consumers worldwide had high levels of interaction with physical stores before COVID-19, but now only 24% expect to return to that level.

· In the next 6–9 months, just 39% of consumers expect a high level of interaction with physical stores.

· Before the crisis, 30% say that they had high levels of interaction with online channels, but now 37% see themselves in that light.



Credit: Simon Kemp, CEO of Kepios and chief analyst at DataReportal

We know customers have increased their digital activity, but where and how are they making their online purchases?

If we hone down to local activity in New Zealand, 88% of Kiwis search for a product or service to buy online. 70% visit an online retail store and complete their purchase.

Current top ecommerce categories in New Zealand include furniture, appliances, food, personal care, followed closely by fashion, beauty, DIY, toys and hobbies.



Credit: Simon Kemp, CEO of Kepios and chief analyst at DataReportal

The current climate has changed the way buyers and sellers interact and has propelled businesses forward to get in front of their customers virtually. With the increase of customer buying activity, has led them to an expectation of a seamless and better user experience when making a purchase or enquiring your services online.

With 51% New Zealanders making an online purchase via a laptop or desktop and 37% using a mobile device means it is vital your website is optimised for all devices. 

A good digital experience starts with a good website

More than 90% of B2Bs have transitioned to a digital-based sales model during COVID-19. 
Does this include you?

Your website is your store front, online. As much as it is key to ensure its visually pleasing, lists your products, services and has your contact details – a good website goes beyond this. 

Similar to a store, it’s the operations, systems, strategically placing certain items in certain places that will create impact. We need to think like this with a website, to ensure it’s working for you.


Free website audit

We have partnered with Business Refinery and offering our Think IT customers with a free website audit.

We will examine your existing website to assess how it’s performing; is it being found online by your customers and determine whether it’s optimised to achieve your online traffic and sales goals.

Once the audit is completed, we’ll work with you on next steps to ensure your website is working smarter for you and ensure it aligns with the overall success of your business. 

To get your website audited please contact us on

We are living in an era of unprecedented technological innovation.
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