How To Manage Your Customer Complaints (Part 2)

In Part 1 of our discussion on Customer complaints, we discussed topics such as where different sources of complaints originate from. Here on Part 2, we will discuss how to respond to a complaint.

How do you respond to a complaint? and who responds to a complaint?

Once a complaint has been received, one person within the organization needs to oversee the process.  Depending on the nature of the complaint, guidance may need to be sought from all the providers involved.  In some medical cases, Doctors may need to contact MPS (Medical Protection Society), or similar for guidance on the best way to respond.

Have a clear process in place to manage complaints

  • Acknowledge the complaint
  • Record the complaint in a register
  • Contact all parties involved for feedback on the complaint
  • Set clear time-frames to gather all information
  • Respond within the recommended timelines
  • Responses should be implemented by the GM (General Managers), Practice Manager, Clinical Directors or someone with similar authority.
  • Some complaints can be managed more effectively by specific departments e.g. account queries can often be remedied quickly by contacting the person and explaining the charges
  • Have a review process where all complaints are reviewed at a senior level and are used to improve services or put additional training in place for staff

Use team meetings/huddles as an opportunity to discuss complaints that are specific to the team.  Often when an area is identified, others have had similar experiences and it can be addressed as a team.  Engaging with the team will create ideas and solutions to improve the patient experience.   

For Medical clients this resource might be helpful
HDC – Complaints Management guide for General Practice

If you help streamlining your processes and help you with any of the above for you organisation, you can contact our Vertical Specialist, Debbie Cripps here.

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