New Microsoft Teams features will help you communicate better at work

New Microsoft Teams Features - May 2018

1. Mobile voice with video calling on Android: Now you can join meetings from the Microsoft Teams mobile apps on iOS and Android. You can join your private and channel meetings right from the app with one-touch and participate with audio and HD video. You can also make a direct 1:1 audio or video call from the Teams mobile apps.

2. Email integration: Send an email directly to your Microsoft Teams channel. It will help you keep all the conversations in one place about a specific topic, also makes it easy to search emails using the improved internals search engine. Learn how to activate this feature in your Teams account. 

3. Guest access: Now add a guest to your Teams channel. Imagine you are working on an office renovation project and you need inputs from your interior designer on some designs you have selected. Now, using the new Teams feature, you can add your designer to the channel that has all the information and jump straight into collaborating on it. 

4. Create a team using an existing team as a template: Got the perfect team built for a type of project you do regularly? Save time creating a new team by replicating an existing team. Your basic team structure (settings, channels, tabs, and members) will get copied to the new team and you'll be ready to go. Look for the option Create a team using an existing team as a template when you create a new team. 

5. Add a delegate for calls in Teams: You can pick someone in Teams to be your delegate—to receive and make calls on your behalf. Learn how to activate this feature. 

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