Scalability Of The Modern Cloud Infrastructure Helps Reduce Operating Cost

shutterstock_134150393As we stated in our previous blog, this week we are covering off the scalability of cloud platforms and the advantages this offers.

When designing solutions for clients we are required to take into consideration the possible growth of the business over the next three to five years and size the solution accordingly. This translates to the solution being designed and built for the estimated organization size in three to five years, rather than costing what is appropriate at the time of implementation. 

A lot can happen in three to five years, particularly in the medical sector. Many practices are opening satellite clinics, merging and consolidating with other practices and applying for DHB contracts to name a few. All of these changes have an impact on the I.T. infrastructure needs of the business.

Within public cloud infrastructure, you only pay for what you are using right now. As your organization changes, the infrastructure (and therefore operating costs) will change accordingly. This can change as frequently as hourly for specific scenarios that require brief periods of high resource. This also applies to some licensing components where historically the full up-front purchase was required; with the public cloud, it is dialed up or down as needed without the long-term commitment.

Next week we’ll cover the anywhere, anytime, any device advantages that public cloud provide your business. To know any more about the scalability of cloud infrastructure and platforms please get in touch at

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