Xtra & Yahoo spam problems resurface

Yahoo provides email services for Telecom's Xtra. Way back in in the old days of February Telecom admitted that email accounts had been hacked and asked 60,000 users to change their passwords. 

The hackers had gained access to email users address books (at least) and had sent out spam email with links to advertising websites. If you are a recipient this type of spam is hard to stop as it appears to come from someone you know.

Telecom claimed that the problem had been solved, all was good,  and life could carry on.

We have logged some more of these emails in the last 2 days and today Telecom has released a statement confirming they are investigating an issue.

If you have a yahoo.com or xtra email address the advice is to change your password if you have not done so already.

Our advice is to regualarly change your password and also log out of any webmail sessions each time rather than just close the browser tab as previous attacks have allegedly gained passwords to email accounts by password grabbing scripts on other sites.

If you are fed up with the limitations of your POP based email we also have several secure Exchange based offerings for a low monthly fee that offer more features, better connectivity for multiple devices and central storage.

Kris Campbell
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Kris Campbell
Think I.T. Team