Adobe Boxed Product to be discontinued

Adobe has released a statement today that it will shortly cease to supply boxed product and such software will only be available while stocks last.

This is not as worrying as it sounds as, for some time,  we have recommended licenses instead of the box product for ease of license management.

So what are your options?

  • Home users will be able to get "Point of Sale Keycards" for some products however these will only be available at larger retail chains
  • If you prefer to buy a license and do not always need the latest version then the TLP (Transaction Licensing Programme) may be the right choice.  You can purchase as few as one license, buy upgrades (within time limits) and key management is online.  Unfortunately the option to keep up to date by annual maintenance was withdrawn some time ago
  • If you always need to keep up to date, and need a Suite, then Creative Cloud subscription may be for you.  Applications still run on your local machine as normal but license management is done online.  Talk to us if you want more details. May not suit those who just want a single application as you get a big bundle of everything you may need.
  • There are a few exceptions to the "no box" rule such as Adobe Elements, Lightroom and Creative Suite Student and Teacher Edition - however TLP is around the same cost and more convenient for most businesses.

Chris Barnes

Kerry Wilson
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Kerry Wilson
Think I.T. Team


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