Why should I consider Software Assurance on Windows – Part Deux

Run up to Windows 8 time and as usual Microsoft is keen not to stop sales of current machines with boring old Windows 7 while users wait with bated breath for the new Operating System release. So they are offering an upgrade to Windows 8 on release for $19.99 for any Windows 7 PC purchased between 2nd June and 31st January. However, as this is aimed at consumers, it has a couple of really large problems for business users.

•    Maximum limit of 5 per organisation so of limited use to business

•    It is a download upgrade to Windows 8 Pro so the download will be sizeable

•    End user driven so you have to register at https://windowsupgradeoffer.com/en/ and remember to do it all yourself before 28th February

If having the latest Windows is important to you, and you are thinking of purchasing now, consider adding Software Assurance onto your OEM Windows within 90 days of PC purchase. If you don’t have a current Microsoft Open License Agreement there is a 5 license minimum but talk to us about options.

There is a clever little trick to this offer. Although you must have an eligible PC the software does not have to be installed on that PC so you can use the software to upgrade an older machine if you like (if it meets hardware minimums) or upgrade a Home Operating System to Windows Pro to allow the PC to join a Domain. But is it really worth the effort I wonder.


Kris Campbell
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Kris Campbell
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