Using the Order Porter quote system

We’ve had our quoting system Quosal rolling along since about the beginning of September 2011. As you do, we’ve been tweaking and tidying Quosal to give a user friendly experience for both our clients and us. In my last update I mentioned our quote system Quosal fully integrates in to our ConnectWise system which gives us a high level of accuracy and speeds up quoting & ordering greatly.

With Quosal comes their quote delivery system, Order Porter. Order Porter takes away the traditional method of emailing PDF quotes & changes this in to an online webpage where you can view your quote, make changes & order directly from it. No more needing to phone up, email or fax in orders. The single biggest advantage here is speed.

Here’s how it all works:

When you receive an email for a quote first you’ll need to click on the Order Porter Link in the body of your emailed quote (it’ll usually look something like Proposal for your quote name: ) this will take you to your Order Porter page.

The Order Porter page is fully secure and only the recipients and sender of the email can view this page.

The top section of a quote includes the recipient & who has prepared it + a unique quote number & link to a PDF version of the quote if you need a print out. The middle section is where the recipient can have some interaction. Any of the quantities in your quote can be changed. If you have changed any quantities, clicking the ‘Update Options’ button will refresh the quote including the PDF. This can save a lot of time if all you are wanting is to remove something from your quote or increase an item if it looks like a good price.

Once you are happy with your quote and would like to place an order simply fill out the form in the ‘Terms & Conditions’ section below the Recap, and click the ‘Accept Order’ button. This does several things, firstly it sends you, your sales rep & our admin team a confirmation of the order. The quote also becomes locked down so no further adjustments can be made or inadvertently ordered by someone else if sent to multiple people or viewed at a later date. We then download your acceptance and within a few clicks we can literally have your quote ordered within minutes if necessary. Being software though it’s not fool proof so if your order is urgent or something goes awry let us know so we can action it ASAP.

There is also a question section at the bottom of the quote page (pic omitted) where if you have queries about your quote you can ask these here. Pressing the submit button will send your sales rep an email with your question.

That’s briefly how Order Porter works at the Clients end though if you have any questions or need assistance feel free to contact

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David Johnston
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