Thinking 365.....

Every Device, Every Document - Everywhere

This is certainly the theme, and the reason Office 365 is such an essential business tool.  It is certainly becoming our best practice to bring clients into the Office 365 environment.  A new campaign from Microsoft helps realise the need for kiwi businesses to adopt this model. 

Here at Think I.T. we've used Office 365 to bring our clients better collaboration among their teams, it's essential to have information and tools always accessible.  Giving people flexibility to respond and work together from the office, home even a clients' office or a personal favourite, while waiting to collect my son from outside his school.

With the launch of it's easy to see why so many people are choosing Office 365.  Talk to us if you are wondering why this would help you, your business and also your personal life.

Ian Bennett

Kris Campbell
"When trouble arises, it's imperative to be back on the keys as quickly as possible. 90% of calls to the Helpdesk are resolved within 10 minutes."

Kris Campbell
Think I.T. Team


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